DutchCRFT is a Dutch product software development lab. We develop, market, sell or invest in software concepts. Have an interesting concept?

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About DutchCRFT

DutchCRFT is founded by Robbert Gangadin and Sjef Kerkhofs. Together, we have more than 20 years experience as internet entrepreneurs. We love social media, content marketing, online communities and online innovation. We combined all this in our digital agency with social DNA, DailyDialogues. That company, founded in 2011, now employs over 15 online marketing professionals, who work for Dutch top brands.

However, we also love scalable software concepts. DutchCRFT has its own team of developers and designers, who can produce concepts in an agile and hands on manner.



Ditch the spreadsheet and start using one easy tool for all your Social Media content. Built-in issue calendar, easy scheduling & rescheduling, discussion and automated posting, its all there to make your day more efficient and fun.

ContentPulse Enterprise

Financials have to deal with a very strict process for publishing content. Every peace of online or offline content has to be checked multiple times by marketers, product owners, managers and compliance or legal specialists.
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Currently, we're also working on a new concept. Of course, we're not going to tell you yet, but keep following us and you will find out all about our new project.


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3029 AK Rotterdam

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